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There is a place where the motto is "something extraordinary, every day," and extraordinary things really do happen. It is a place where world-reknowned pediatric specialists educate the next generation of leaders in the field, and researchers devote endless hours seeking new and improved treatments for cancer and other childhood diseases.

That place is Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

It is here that the Nejat International Children’s Cancer Research Society actively supports the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

“At the Mattel Children’s Hospital we believe we are improving the health of today’s and tomorrow’s children. We do this through our missions of clinical service, research, and education. We don’t only want to take care of the child who’s in front of us today, but we want to educate the next generation of pediatricians so they can care for the children who face them a decade, two decades from now. And we firmly believe in our mission of research – that we’ve got to improve the quality of care so we’re better tomorrow at caring for that child than we are today.”

— Edward R. McCabe, M.D., Ph.D.,
Physician-in-Chief, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA,


Rated as the Best Hospital in the West and #5 in the nation, it became the most modern hospital in the world when, in April 2008, the state-of-the-art Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA opened their doors for the first time.

In this phenomenal physical setting the mission of clinical service, research, and education flourishes as nationally and internationally recognized physicians devote themselves to the exploration of new frontiers in research and clinical care, providing extraordinary education for physicians while caring for the whole child now and in the future.


The Nejat International Childhood Cancer Research Society is proud to support this endeavor. We share the philosophy that not only is it important to take care of today’s child, but it is equally important to educate the next generation of pediatricians so they can care for the next generation of children and explore new frontiers in research so tomorrow’s children will have greater hope of surviving cancer.

The Nejat International Childhood Cancer Research Society is committed to:

• Supporting research into the causes of childhood cancer;
• Supporting development of therapies that will increase hopes for long term survival;
• Fostering worldwide dissemination of information on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer – so that children with cancer in the developing world can receive a reprieve from their sentence of death.

Something to think about:

Imagine you are parent, and you have taken your child to the pediatrician’s office for a routine checkup.

The one thing you do not expect is a death sentence.

Yet, cancer strikes children everyday, in every city, in every country around the globe. It pays no heed to race, religion, nationality, or economic status. Some estimates place the number of children diagnosed with cancer each year as high as 250,000. Whatever the precise number may be, this is a phenomenon that deserves our attention. Because every child is important.

Of all childhood diseases cancer is the #1 killer of children in the United States, striking newborns, toddlers, pre-teens, teens and young adults with equal virulence. Only accidental deaths claim the lives of more children than cancer.

In the U.S. and Europe, where the most sophisticated and advanced diagnostic and treatment methods are available, survival rates of more than 5 years are attainable for up to 75% of children who receive an early diagnosis coupled with prompt and effective treatment. This represents tremendous gains when compared with 40 years ago, when childhood cancer was almost uniformly fatal.

Unfortunately, 80% of the world’s children live in developing countries where they are diagnosed too late or not at all. Sadly, two thirds of those children will die, in spite of rising survival rates in the U.S. and Europe and in spite of the fact that some forms of the disease, if diagnosed and treated early enough, offer a good chance for survival.

All children with cancer need our help.

Childhood cancer kills.

Many childhood cancers can be successfully treated.

Early diagnosis and prompt treatement are essential.

Every child with cancer needs your help.

Help us help children with cancer.

For more information contact us at:

The Nejat International Childhood Cancer Research Society
P.O. Box 2130
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-2130

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